Erepublik Census goes Open-source

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In the past I created an application that makes a census of Erepublik citizen's. It would be the base of a lot of applications, but because the arrogance of admins I didn't finish the application.

But now I decided to publish the source to made this software available for everybody under a Creative Commons licence.

You could use this source code as a base to develop multipurpose programs, for example: a complete census of population, program to send gifts or massive messages, find multi-accounts... You only have to adapt the source to your demands. Although this version could be optimized, but works well.

The application is written in C#, a very modern and easy language with free compilers for Windows, Linux, and other platforms. Erepublik Census uses a MySQL database to store the data to make easier the access from web applications or other programming languages.

You could download Erepublik Census from SafeCreative (Ref. 0901112390518).