Erepublik Trivia Decoder (Why was developed?)

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I program applications as a hobby. Some of them are for fun and others are by the necessity. This program was developed by the necessity.

My last creation was Erepublik Trivial Decoder. It decodes the questions of the Erepublik trivial, as his name suggests.

Erepublik is an online game that is only in English, but the players who don't understand English very well don't take profit of the trivial bonus and are receiving less experience points when working or training. So I programmed a webpage that analyzes the source code of trivial frame, decodes it, and returns questions in order.

Now you have time to translate and understand the questions before answer it

The success of this application was more important that I think. It has more than half hundred visits per day from all the world, and more than 1 thousand pages were served. So Erepublik Trivial Decoder is one of my most successful projects, and I'm working to improve it.

Erepublik Trivial Decoder is free, but ad-supported. In the future I will design new applications for Erepublik. Coming soon I post more details in this blog.