Erepublik V1 was filtered. Screenshots and new features.

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The final version of the online game “Erepublik” was filtered yesterday in a Spanish daily. It's radically different from the actual version.

First of all, the interface have been redesigned with new graphics and menus, with a web 2.0 style.

When you log in in V1, you will go to a page that shows advices, news, wars, and a new function: shouts. The shouts are similar to twitter: you should write up to 3 messages per day and everybody may read it.

The work and train system is completely different. Now it's a quiz and your level will increase depending of your correct answers.

The media module was changed. There are RSS feeds and trackballs for the newspapers, and you should be read it although you don't log in. But there are some bugs: the youtube videos and some non-english characters are not showed correctly.

The SO's will be replaced by organizations. We don't know how it works because a bug when creating an organization. You will be able to upgrade to organization up to 15th december.

  • We don't know if it's a bug or a feature. In V1 you can travel without selling your enterprises and media.
  • The link to V1 was published in an Erepublik daily but Erepublik team pretend to be private version.